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Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular.  It’s an exciting way to celebrate your wedding with family and friends.  You may initially have doubts about actually “pulling it off”, but here are a few reasons why you should have your wedding in the location of your dreams!

  • You have the world to choose from!   Have you ever dreamed of a beach wedding, getting married in the Eiffel Tower, or on a cruise ship?   If you can dream it, it can be done!

  • You can be different!  Instead of renting the same local banquet hall, you can have an exciting location that will always be remembered by your guests!

  • It’s so easy to plan!  Many locations offer free wedding planning, no matter what the size or how simple or special your event.  They will give you a variety of options to choose from to personalize your special day, and will walk you step by step through the process, including the necessary documentation.   And if you want something that is not in their standard packages, the wedding planners will help you get it done or direct you to someone who can!

  • You can save money!  Many locations will offer a free or a minimally priced ceremony and/or reception.  And, if you are at an all-inclusive property, meals and beverages for your guests are already included!  Don’t worry - if you want something extra special for your reception, upgrades (an additional charge may apply) are always available.  Remember, if you can dream it, it can be done! 

  • Your wedding will last as long as you want!   Spend time with your family and friends during the course of days – not a 4 or 5 hour period.   Many of your guests will consider your wedding their vacation as well and make the most of it, at the same time knowing they are there for you!

  • You don’t have to limit the guest list!  Your guests are paying for their accommodations and transportation – not you.  Why limit to a select few?  Invite who you need to and let your guests decide if they can come and share your special day.  And don’t worry - locations will accommodate your guests no matter how few or many are in your group.    

  • Your destination wedding is also your honeymoon!  This is an all in one celebration so your honeymoon starts the day you arrive.  And, depending on the number of guests, some locations offer special amenities or room upgrades for the bride and groom, at no additional cost!

By the way, destination weddings are not just for weddings anymore.  Anniversary celebrations and vow renewals are becoming more and more popular as well! 

Not sure how to get started?  Give us a call and we will ask you the important questions to point you in the right direction!

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